Tom and Ruby Wilcock

The Senior Wayfarers (Club) was formed in August 1979 as a result of a two line advert in the Telegraph and Argus by Tom and Ruby Wilcock who are pictured in the photograph. Eight people turned up for the first walk on the 7th August.

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Our first syllabus of walks (what others might call a programme of walks) said that our objects are to encourage senior citizens to find physical fitness and enjoyment by walking in the countryside by arranging 5 and 10 mile walks for senior citizens and by helping to create small, independent groups of senior walkers. Click  on the  image to see a  pdf version of our first syllabus.

Another article in the Telegraph and Argus described Ruby, upon her death, as "A jewel in the ramblers' crown" and went on to say she was a personality who could talk to anybody, she had a good sense of humour and knew the countryside as well as anybody!

In 1989 the Club celebrated its 10 birthday and according to the article in the local Bradford newspaper (the Telegraph and Argus) we had over 300 members. Walks were between 3 and 10 miles and the club arranged three walking holidays a year for its members with a choice, that year, of Scarborough, Scotland or Wales. If you click on the picture you can see a large version of the article and click here for the   1989 syllabus.

Since our tenth birthday we have remained at or around the 300 member mark but now have seven different walking groups and an  annual walking holiday.  In 2019 we celebrated our 40th year!

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On holiday together at Arnside