How do I join?

To join the club you need to get a copy of the walk syllabus. The syllabus lists all the walks we do and from where and when they start. You may then just turn up at the start BUT we really like to make sure we welcome new people so we suggest you first ring the group leader to let them know you are coming along - their contact details are on the syllabus. The group leader will be able to tell you about the group and how strenuous the walk might be.

How do I get a copy of the syllabus?

Please use the contact form on the contacts page.   We don't publish  the syllabus on the web  but an old example  is available here.

Where do you walk?

We have seven groups of walkers who all organise walks. The walks may be anywhere around the Bradford, West and North Yorkshire area (not just at the location indicated by the group name).

Each group has one or more group leaders responsible for drawing up the programme of walks.  The members of the group devise  the walks and guide the walkers along the selected route

When do you walk?

The Thursday 8 to 10 miler Hewenden Viaduct

On Monday: the Monday 8 milers ... who generally use cars to get to the start of a circular walk and start at 10.30;

On Tuesday: two groups who either use public transport, or cars, to get to the start of a walk at 1pm (the 5 milers central group and the Baildon 5 mile circular group;

On Wednesday: the Wednesday morning 3/4 milers who use public transport, or cars, to start "lunchtimeish";

On Thursday:

We are sorry but dogs are not allowed on the walks.

'Ow Much!

We do not charge for membership. All our income comes from the purchase of the syllabus; hence for the time being we do not publish the walk syllabus on the net. The syllabus is free to new joiners  and £1   for each 4 monthly copy thereafter.       

You are a member if you come along to the walks and purchase a syllabus.