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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Bradford Senior Wayfarers (BSW) is a “self-help” group operating in a co-operative manner, i.e. run by its members for the benefit of all.  Only members may participate in our activities and membership is obtained upon payment of the relevant annual fee.  New members are always welcome and whilst the Group and Walk Leaders will offer a welcome it is expected that all members contribute.

BSW currently comprises 7 semi-autonomous walking groups offering a variety of walks each week.  BSW is managed via an Executive Committee consisting of the 4 Executive Officers and 1 representative of each walking group, normally the Group Leader.  The Executive Committee reports to the AGM.

The principal function of BSW is to liaise with the Group Leaders to produce a Syllabus of walks, 3 times a year, such that all members know the walks being offered by all of the groups.

The principal function of each Group Leader is to seek volunteers to lead walks of a suitable standard accounting for the interests of each particular group.  The role of the walk leader is to plan the walk and be familiar with the route and any unusual risks and to supply key information to their Group Leader so that s/he may produce the Syllabus.  It is expected that all members will support the functioning of their group by leading walks or assuming a supportive role such as leading social activities.

All members are expected to conform to the Countryside Code.

Walking is an activity not to be undertaken without recognising the hazards associated with outdoor and un-regulated conditions.  These include, but are not confined to:

Weather – all members are responsible for ensuring they come appropriately equipped to meet the initial conditions and any potential changes which may occur en-route.  In potentially adverse conditions, the Group and Walk Leaders will converse prior to and during the walk to determine if the walk should be cancelled or modified.

Obstacles – these can be either natural or man-made. It must always be remembered that each walking group will comprise members with different physical abilities.  It is not possible for the Walk and Group Leader to provide personal assistance to every member; therefore, it is incumbent upon all walkers to offer assistance as required at places such as stiles, steep or awkward terrain etc.  Other obstacles may include, but not be confined to, over-hanging branches, slippery surfaces, crossing watercourses etc.

Rights of Way – when using footpaths, bridleways, roads etc all members should be aware of and be considerate to other users.  Some roads will have to be crossed under adverse conditions; it is the responsibility of all members to assist in each other in making the decision when to cross safely.  When walking along a road, members should face on-coming traffic whenever possible and walk in single file; those towards the front and rear should call warnings of approaching traffic.  Similarly, when on a bridleway warning of approaching horses, cycles etc should be sounded.  On narrow footpaths members should consider where to allow other walkers to pass in a safe manner.


Animals – members must not interfere with farm livestock.  When unavoidable close proximity is inevitable then members should offer support and re-assurance to those who are nervous of such proximity.

Exceptional Circumstances – BSW operates within government guidelines relevant to any environmental, medical or other emergencies and all members must also abide by the relevant contemporary guidance.  Current government guidance on Covid-19 may be found here.

It is not possible to foresee all risks.  By becoming a member of BSW you accept that you participate at your own risk and you acknowledge that you have read and accept the Disclaimer below.


It is the responsibility of all members to evaluate their own medical and physical condition and to independently determine which walks to participate in.  Whilst all reasonable efforts are made to ensure the safety of members, it should be recognised that each walk is a unique event which may be affected by the weather, by the unpredictable action of third parties such as landowners, domesticated and wild animals, and by incidents during the walk.  The services of the walk leader and BSW are provided on an “as is” basis which includes the recognition that the walk leader is an enthusiastic amateur rather than a “qualified” guide.  You must respond to all eventualities according to your level of fitness, equipment being carried and skill at analysing acceptable risk.  Unless otherwise specified in writing you expressly agree that the use of BSW services is at your sole risk. 

BSW does not provide supervision and cannot accept responsibility for any injuries from use of this service.

You can download the Terms and Conditions plus the Disclaimer by clicking this link