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Bradford Senior Wayfarers

Mid Week Walking Club

We have seven groups (*indicates use public transport):

1. Monday 8 milers

2. Tuesday afternoon 5 milers*

3. Tuesday afternoon 4 to 5 milers*

4. Wednesday 3 to 4 milers

5. Thursday 5 to 6 milers*

6. Thursday 8 milers

7. Thursday 8 to 10 milers

All members are expected to contribute to the development of the group by leading, or for those less experienced, in supporting walk leaders or group leaders with the administration and organisation of their group

Monday 8 Miles

All walks start at 10.30 am from the Meeting Place and are circular unless otherwise indicated. Bring a packed lunch. Walks usually finsish between 2.30 and 3.00 pm but could be later depending upon the number of stiles and walkers. Distanc eis in miles. Postcodes may be approximate. If you do not know the 'meet' location or directions contact the walk leader, or the Group leaders who are Rod Seed 07849 861639 and Ian Robottom 07410 380801

Tuesdays 5 Miles

All walks are circular and approx. 5 miles commencing at 13.00 (1.00pm) unless otherwise stated.

Please check all bus and train times stated nerer the date of the walk.

CONTACT: David Webster on 01274 602193 or 07975721112

Tuesdays 4 to 5 Miles

All Buses / Trains are from Bradford Interchange. Walks are usually 4 to 5 miles.

Please check timetables prior to each walk. Contact Teresa Hall 01535633848 or

07875 716662 for further information

Wednesday 3 to 4 miles

Some of the walks are circular and some a linear. See the scedule for details. All Buses / Trains are from Bradford Interchange unless otherwise stated. Ininclement weather please ring the walk leader or John / Judith to check if the walk is going ahead: John Judith Tel: 01535 274818, or, 07928 609688. Email: Occasionally a different walk may have to be arranged and bus details changed at shrot notice. In the the event, we will try to ensure that someone is at the interchange at the appropriate time to inform everyone. If you are going direct tot he strat, please ring John the previous evening to confirm that the walk is still as published.

Thursday 5 to 6 miles

Some linear some circular walks - see schedule.  All enquiries to Lynda Foster 01274 881908, 07880 577782

Thursday 8 miles

Walks start at  10.30am.   All enquiries to: Dave Hughes 01535 681807

When travelling North to Dales etc usually stop at Kildwick at 9.30 to arrange car share.

S Walk can be shortened.

Thursday 8 to 10 Miles

All walks start at 10.30 am from the Meeting Place and are circular unless otherwise indicated.  When travelling to North to Dales etc. usually stop at Kildwick 09.30 to arrange car share.

Walk to have fun

Walk to make friends

Walk to keep fit